Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So my companion, my MacBook....just had a case of hard drive failure. The poor thing lost everything on it, and was out of my life for 9 or so days. I cleaned it while I mourned its loss, so its short a few stickers, and the keys are cleaner, as is its entire memory. This SHOULD entail more art, but it does not. I'm a lazy bum and get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. But I am not without art completely!!!

My attempt to try and make knee high converses cool:

For a bit of "photography" (aka "wanting to show off") my kickass new shoes. Neon high tops wtf. I look at these shoes and imagine I get a Spongebob-esque pink cheeked expression of joy:

And some artwork based on some of a dream I had last night, probably weird due to reading Madeleine L'Engle before bed, Proginoskes being my new favorite character EVER. Let me recount it first, so it makes a bit more sense:

I was holding hands with a line of hundreds of people. The sky was white, yellow, and orange, kind of radioactive looking. We were crossing a bridge over green and black water. I didn't immediately know why until one person looked up into the sky and deviated from the line, and exploded into dust and sunmotes and was blown away in the wind. Everyone was crying because apparantly this was the end of the world, standing together was the last test of faith, and God was killing people off one by one.

I made it to the end of the bridge still holding everyone's hands and there were two girls sitting there, holding sea shells. I asked them how they could possibly be alive and not be holding hands with everyone, which seemed to prevent explosion. They waved their sparkly shells around and I saw something splash in the water and surface and a human face poked out, all covered in scales. It was a giant rainbow trout with puny little arms, and just a human face. They told me these were mermaids, and to prevent the explosive wrath of God, you had to have part of something he didn't create inside of you, because God apparantly didn't create mutant mermaids.

These mermaids were attracted to shiny things stupidly, and couldn't speak, just push their faces against the shells and try and reach them with their arms which were the size of a babies'. One girl took her shell and smacked it as hard as she could over the nearest mermaids head, and it passed out. She drag it onto the shore, and the man I was holding hands with pulled out a knife (he used his other hand, so since he was still half connected I guess he was ok) and cut the skin off of the mermaid, but there was no blood, just another inside layer of blubber and intestinal skin covering its insides. He then cut through that, and we drank the blood, which was a really deep dark sinister color, and we were safe from God killing us, because apparantly God couldn't harm what he didn't create and can't understand.

Also there was some random chick with like 18 boobs in it, but I didn't want to draw her. She was weird.

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