Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Illustration 5 Post #4

1. List ten illustrators whose work you admire, or whose career you would like to emulate.

-Florian Bertmer-

-Kentaro Miura-

-John Baizley-

-Bryan Lee O'Malley-

-Lois van Baarle-

-Chris Sanders-

-Alphonse Mucha-

-Shane Prigmore-

-Scott C.-

-Vera Brosgol-

2. Who are their clients? What sort of work do those clients look for?
Video game concept artist-needers, people needing advertisements, character designs for movies or games, comic book authors needing artists, bands needing t-shirt designs/album covers...

3. Find at least 10 magazines that you think you could work for. Record the names of the art director and any assistant art directors listed, and their contact information.
Some of the magazines listed don't necesarilly show a lot of artwork, but are filled with content I feel like I would enjoy illustrating.
-Game Informer-
(Andy McNamara)
-PlayStation Magazine-
(Gary Steinman, Ken Bousquet)
-Spin Magazine-
(Ian Robinson)
-Wizard Magazine-

4.If you were starting your own magazine and your livelihood depended on it selling well and your sanity depended on it being something you wanted to spend all your time on, what would it be? What sorts of writers and artists would you hire? What subject matter would it deal with? How would you want it to look?
I would want to do a magazine on video games or comic books, like many of the magazines I listed above. I don't really read magazines, so I had a hard time coming up with 10 I would like to participate in...it is definitely an industry I'd like to work with, but I don't really have any specific preferences...a job is a job. I think I'd put a little bit of myself into any subject I was given to illustrate and have fun with it no matter what it was...or at least I'd try to. I'd like to think my artwork would appeal to buyers at bookstores and they'd want to pick up whatever I'm making based on its visual appeal...no matter what the interior holds. That's how I look at magazines--if the cover is interesting then I'll pick it up, no matter what the title is or what its about. If I'm promised a really good visual experience, I think it's worth it.

5. List ten non-magazine clients you'd like to work with. Why are these dream clients?
Because I want to do character design for movies, especially kid friendly ones.
For the same reason...
To do concept art for video games that I enjoy, like World of Warcraft...
Same as with Blizzard, more video game concept art and character design...
-Dark Horse Comics-
So I could do comic books.
Another video game one, but this one would be pretty impossible.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Illustration 5 Post #3

1. Describe your typical creative process, from getting an assignment to finished piece.

I don't think I have an explicit creative process. I typically just doodle until something comes out that I like, and then finish it and ink it. For class projects, I'll do a few thumbnails (or the required amount of thumbnails) and then choose the best and finish the image. I don't plan too much, I try to go with whatever comes to mind and not look up much reference and I try not to draw ideas from other artists while I'm working.

2. Describe what you think your creative process should be like.

I probably should plan more with my personal pieces, and even more for my schoolwork. More thumbnails, more sketching, more thinking in general would be a good idea for my work. I think it would benefit from me spending more time thinking what the finished product will be rather than taking it second by second and developing the image as I go. (Sometimes I get really good results that way, but I think I would get even better if I thought it completely out beforehand.)

3. Research and describe a professional creator's creative process.

My favorite artist right now is Kentaro Miura. An interview with him is located here. He seems to have a process of not really knowing where he wants to end up as well, and kind of takes his ideas one step at a time to get to his goal. (Much like I try to do). He also, however, mixes this spontaneity with a lot of research. He uses a lot of picture reference for his ink drawings and draws from western ideas of fantasy for his manga. Berserk, which is well thought out and very grounded storywise required a lot of reference from western cultures, and lots of research from his side.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Illustration 5 Post #2

1. Of all the work that you've done, what is your favorite piece?

Why do you like it?
I like it because of the line quality, the concept, and the mouth! I don't know, it was a really good combination of a lot of things that I really like, so I still love it to this day and I want to redraw it and make a shirt out of it and do so much with it! I even based my personal site in Web Design 1 after it.

2. What piece do others like the most?

I feel like I got a lot of positive responses to this piece.
Do you agree?
Yeah, I really like that one. I like the textures, how the colors worked with the textures, the concept, and the shaky line quality I got from erasing away at the linework.

3. What piece surprised you the most?
Like Alex said, I don't really understand this question. I don't feel like my own artwork can SURPRISE me, because I planned it out and created it. One that I am particularly proud of and satisfied with the results of and learned a lot from in retrospect is my entire "Eska" comic from last semester.

4. Choose five doodles or sketches that you like as much as any of your finished work.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Illustration 5 Post #1

1. What media do you like working in?
I like working in ink mostly. I'll sketch something and ink it with either microns or a brush and ink. I'm still getting the hang of digital work but I also like working in photoshop. I also like painting, but I'm not very good at it. (Acryllics).

2. What media do you hate working in? Why?
I don't think there's anything I "hate" working in, I'm pretty much willing to give anything a try...but that doesn't necessarily mean I'll be good at it.

3. What media would you like to try, but haven't?
Oils and gouache. I've seen people do a lot of really awesome artwork with both of those but I've never tried either.

4. List 3 non-Illustration classes that have influenced you and/or your work positively.
Life Drawing helped me with human forms and focusing on the fact they have mass and movement. Art of Mexico influenced me a lot because I REALLY liked the imagery and drew from it a lot when drawing and designing monsters. I can't really think of a third, but I can tell Text and Image is going to influence me creatively. One of the stories I'm writing for it I've already drawn a lot of illustrations based on.

5. How has the work of your peers influenced you and your work?
I feel like everyone else's work challenges me to try harder and get better...for example, Alex and Marie's paintings (digitally and traditionally respectively) encourage me to try and paint more. I think the friendly competitive nature in classes between the students really helps everyone's work, as well as the opinions and helpful comments.

6. What sort of subject matter do you like to create work about?
I like whimsical and fantastical subjects. Children going on magical adventures, monsters and mythological beasts, etc. I also like brutal excessive artwork like on album covers. (Some of my FAVORITES are Baroness album covers, as seen below:)

That album cover also includes decorative elements and fancy ladies, which I also like to create work of.

7. What sort of subject matter do you like to read about?
I like fantasy novels like His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman and ANYTHING by Diana Wynne Jones. I also like autobiographies and anything in general about peoples lives and the things they've experienced and grown from. (I read Dolly Parton's this summer).

8. What kind of music do you like?
I like metal and indie music mostly, but I'm not too terribly picky. My favorite band of all time is GWAR. I also really enjoy Between the Buried and Me, Against Me!, Josh Ritter, Ryan Adams, Andrew Bird, Feist, Iron and Wine, mewithoutYou, The Smiths, Son of Aurelius, Job for a Cowboy, Electric Wizard, and many more...I like all the music I listen to because it appeals to me with its sound. Above all else though, I like songs that tell stories. A good example of that is ANYTHING at all by Josh Ritter:

I like songs that tell stories because I like to tell stories myself.

9. What non-art related interest/hobbies/skills do you have?
I play lots of video games. I like RPGs and MMORPGs like Final Fantasies and World of Warcraft as well as games like Gears of War, Left 4 Dead and Borderlands...I like being immersed in stories, and I love the different designs of characters and environments. I feel like video games are art.

10. What is something you like that nobody else likes?
I really doubt there is one thing I like that no one else in the whole world does, but I guess something I like that I get a lot of shit for is WoW. World of Warcraft gets a lot of negative opinions attached to it because of its general fanbase and people not having lives while playing it, which is a shame because it's REALLY AWESOME and I highly recommend it.

11. If you had the run of the world's museums, what three works of original art would you like to own??
I don't know if three original pieces I would like to own would necessarily be in museums...I prefer contemporary artists. BUT:

"Wave" by James Jean

Untitled sketchbook piece by Coey Kuhn

And I'd like to own pretty much anything created by Florian Bertmer (artist of the three-eyed wolf shirt.)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The Superhero Costume Coalition is growing and has been featured on Project Rooftop twice now! (Thanks to regular amazing contributor, Shane McDermott).

Please take a moment to check it out, I think you'll like what you see! And we're ALWAYS open to new contributors...the more the merrier!