Monday, March 8, 2010

Romulus and Remus Progress

I'm trying to experiment with photos...for the wolf with baby Rom and Rem I took the photos Elliot and I took at the zoo and picked one of the wolf and did two different thresholds and overlayed them and then found pictures I had taken last christmas of my nephew Tucker and did the same thing (I love the convenient one of him reaching up, he was holding a toy he just got and I cropped it out). I'm just playing around with that since I'm finding it hard to think of ways to just maintain that black, white and spot color.

For the one of Romulus and Remus fighting and killinz, I took a photo of Matt and Alex posing and laid a darker thresholded version overtop to bring out shadows, then drew lineart in a layer over those two layers and then made another layer ontop and started painting it over it all, letting the others show through a little and put a texture on top while I painted to see how it would look.

Just experimenting!!! This is one of my first few times trying digital painting...I'm still using a little big of linework but I mainly tried to use some things I picked up from watching Alex paint and watching the tutorials we watched. I need to find that darn slanty brush tho.

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