Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MemTCR Logo

So, I've teamed up with Middle Tennessee Corgi Rescue to help adopt out and foster corgis and corgi mixes in the Memphis area! What that entails is a LOT of internet networking and the occasional younger foster that will get along with Mason. I used Mason, my cardigan welsh corgi, and Hiro, a pembroke welsh corgi, in the logo--Hiro is Shannon's, and she is the other half of the Memphis branch. She handles transportation and, if we ever get any, inquiries. Website is located HERE. If anyone in the Memphis area is interested in a corgi/corgi mix, just check out that site or e-mail me!


Kaliko Rosa said...

This is a beautiful logo!!! I'm sure the other folks at the rescue were blown away. I have a Cardigan Welsh corgi myself and I love how this icon appreciates both breeds. I do occasionally hear of Pembroke mixes showing up at shelters. I've never heard of a homeless Cardigan yet, only because they're so rare. All the best to you and your rescue efforts!! Totally admirable :)

Kayla Cline said...

Thank you Kaliko! I actually own a rescue Cardigan! He and his brother and sister were at a shelter, and they're full cardi! I've seen a handfull in rescue, believe it or not :) Not always the best examples of breeding of course, but what can ya do!