Sunday, September 28, 2008


I've done a lot of art lately, I've just been too lazy to drag out the scanner from under my bedside table and scan it. I'm trying to enhance my personal sketchbook with a lot of colored images for my end of year review this year. They saw my one/two colored images in my last sketchbook and said I had a good sense of color (AWESOME!!!) So I thought I'd load up on examples this time around, and dabble in character design and expressions (to be posted in the next one) in hopes to give oomph to my desire of sequential illustration. I've been using brush and ink, brush pens, and my old old friends--Crayola colored pencils. OH and did I mention that I found a WHITE GEL PEN after months of searching??? Overpriced in the school store, but well worth it. I'm so sad these went out of style after middle school.

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Cara said...

The bottom one makes me think of Princess Monoke. Its quite lovely. :)