Monday, October 6, 2008


Stuff I've done this weekend! Hooray for four day weekends! Some shitty photography of a work-in-progress painting based on my previous preggo tribal lady, you can see how i use those acrylic paint by number paints I'm so cool amIrite? Also, a pen and ink drawing I'm planning on matting of a lady getting consumed by creepy baby hands, I was trying to be super flowy and loose and it was practice with drawing repeating lines. Then, my illustration project of an "Improbable event". I'm really proud of it.


Derrick said...

I hope you don't mind somewhat-random comments, but I was websurfing and I noticed the link to your page from Shane McDermott's blog. You've got some realy good work here. I hope you keep up the posting!

-Derrick Dent

Kayla Cline said...

Of course I don't mind random comments! It's really nice to hear what other people think rather than just my friends popping in. I will definitely keep up the posting! :) Thanks again I appreciate it.