Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another one

I like this one because I'm having trouble being ok with how the text boxes look cropped around objects AND going overtop of elements. I am feeling like the squares just overlapping the entire image is the way to go because otherwise it seems selective and confusing to me. I'm kind of tempted to throw in labels for the animals and flowers on the bottom to have more text at the bottom and to emphasize the "science" of it.

EDIT--Added one with the "scientific" labels which have rounded corners and kind of progress in a zigzag pattern to emphasize they are separate...I really like this one completed. I don't know if I'll get feedback but I'm going to sit around for a while and hope I do and then print.


Lighthouse Pilot said...

ok...let's see. the middle text box on the 2nd page is a little closer to the left box than the right. I'd make sure it's centered. I'd also consider making all the text boxes just a smidge more narrow so they can move away from the outside edges of the page another smidge. The text gets too close to the edge of the text boxes in some places. I'd go with a smaller font size and give the text about 1/8 inch all the way around between the box. The scientific labels are ok, but they might look better hand lettered. You could make a line art layer of them and just drag them on top of the existing art. I'd move the flower one down closer to the lower right corner. I'd also consider getting rid of your separate "continued" box and include continued in the other box.

These are little things. If you can't quite figure it all out I'll have plenty of time on Wednesday to work with you in illustrator. Sorry I didn't have more time today. It's looking really great, though.

Kayla Cline said...

Yeah, the hand lettering would be better. I fixed some of the weird text issues I think, and I changed the first page to make the text slightly less prominent...I guess we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I like it at least!