Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Color Comp/Mockup

This is the finished kind of mockup of the finished spread...I still feel like I'm going to add more elements to it once I get down on the larger version, and the larger sheet of paper/working space will be conducive to that. But this is the basic idea, and the white lines are obvs representative of the text, and how it will flow around the dude and surrounding environment. I think it gives it a story-bookish feel that I dig thus far.

Obviously this isn't finished/it will look a lot better once I start working on the finished piece, but any feedback at this point would be GREATLY appreciated.


Lighthouse Pilot said...

I think the only thing the comp really needs at this point is more color. I haven't seen the movie because I'm lame, but I'm assuming there might be flower forms or maybe a little more detail that you could work into the big tree and the plant forms on the ground on the cover. I know that when you're finished it will be dazzling, but it would be nice if we could get a glimpse of where you're headed. I'd also consider a little more color in the crazy flying things. Just to see how it will play with the text. Other than that it looks great. I love the textures in the background and the hanging vines are really nice.

Kayla Cline said...

Yeah, I generally tend to get way more detailed with finished pieces than I am with thumbnails...I hope to throw some individual textures into more flowers/plants once the image is larger. I'll have the inked drawings scanned for next class, if not colored...(but that's ambitious)

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Fancy! I saw the image thumbnail posted above this. I haven't clicked on it yet, but if it's as detailed as it looks then you're going to have plenty of opportunity for color and you'll have plenty of time to experiment and find the colors that work best. Excellent work.