Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Completed Spread

Finished my spread! I feel like I need to bring out hilights or knock out the textures on certain areas like the tree and plans on the first page and the person on the second and the fancy flowers/tree on the third so that way the text doesn't dominate everything...any suggestions?

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Lighthouse Pilot said...

Here goes. The white hanging things in the tree on the left could use some slivers of highlight or reflected light. I'm feeling a peachy orange. Green hanging vines need the same treatment, but go with yellow, lighter green or maybe pink. As far as reflected light could use the same color on everything. The grass looks great, but I think it could actually use a little more texture and the sky which will be behind the text could be turned down a bit. You could just play with the levels a bit. The wolf guy in the bottom left could stand to be separated from the sky a bit...but not too much. It's nice that you don't necessarily notice him right away. The flower he's behind could use some slightly brighter colors in places. I would consider blurring the darker blue flying dude. He should look at least two wingspans away. I think the sky also seems a little dreary. Since we're going with amazement and wonder here then maybe you want a lighter blue? Just a thought. It looks really really good. These are just little things that will make it even better. Can you work up a texted version I can see before Wednesday? I'd like to give you feedback on that before critique.