Monday, August 30, 2010

Illustration 5 Post #3

1. Describe your typical creative process, from getting an assignment to finished piece.

I don't think I have an explicit creative process. I typically just doodle until something comes out that I like, and then finish it and ink it. For class projects, I'll do a few thumbnails (or the required amount of thumbnails) and then choose the best and finish the image. I don't plan too much, I try to go with whatever comes to mind and not look up much reference and I try not to draw ideas from other artists while I'm working.

2. Describe what you think your creative process should be like.

I probably should plan more with my personal pieces, and even more for my schoolwork. More thumbnails, more sketching, more thinking in general would be a good idea for my work. I think it would benefit from me spending more time thinking what the finished product will be rather than taking it second by second and developing the image as I go. (Sometimes I get really good results that way, but I think I would get even better if I thought it completely out beforehand.)

3. Research and describe a professional creator's creative process.

My favorite artist right now is Kentaro Miura. An interview with him is located here. He seems to have a process of not really knowing where he wants to end up as well, and kind of takes his ideas one step at a time to get to his goal. (Much like I try to do). He also, however, mixes this spontaneity with a lot of research. He uses a lot of picture reference for his ink drawings and draws from western ideas of fantasy for his manga. Berserk, which is well thought out and very grounded storywise required a lot of reference from western cultures, and lots of research from his side.

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