Sunday, August 29, 2010

Illustration 5 Post #2

1. Of all the work that you've done, what is your favorite piece?

Why do you like it?
I like it because of the line quality, the concept, and the mouth! I don't know, it was a really good combination of a lot of things that I really like, so I still love it to this day and I want to redraw it and make a shirt out of it and do so much with it! I even based my personal site in Web Design 1 after it.

2. What piece do others like the most?

I feel like I got a lot of positive responses to this piece.
Do you agree?
Yeah, I really like that one. I like the textures, how the colors worked with the textures, the concept, and the shaky line quality I got from erasing away at the linework.

3. What piece surprised you the most?
Like Alex said, I don't really understand this question. I don't feel like my own artwork can SURPRISE me, because I planned it out and created it. One that I am particularly proud of and satisfied with the results of and learned a lot from in retrospect is my entire "Eska" comic from last semester.

4. Choose five doodles or sketches that you like as much as any of your finished work.

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